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Mundane astrology

Theme of the Conference - Sivananda Murty

All are aware that today we are in the midst of pollution - environmental pollution, deteriorating public health, spread of terminal diseases like Cancer, HIV-AIDS and of course the population explosion. Added to this, global politics have become inseparable with violence. All are concerned about our immediate future. The scientists from the specialties of Geology, Geo-Physics, Environmental Science, Public Health & Hygiene who are watchfully aware of what is happening to our planet are wondering if we can survive at all. This is a ground reality. The other community specialized in Astrology are also observing the planets in the sky to know our future.

Whether one is studying our own planet or the planets in the sky, the common man wants to know his own future. This is the time when these groups of thinkers meet the common man to educate him, to warn him and to prepare him. While the research studies from various scientific disciplines are widely presented in print and electronic media, there is felt a need to hear what the futurologists from the discipline of Mundane Astrology would also say on our tomorrow. For this purpose, there is a need to provide a common platform for the scholars and practitioners of Astrology belonging to both Western and Indian systems of Astrology to reflect on the issue of what is going to happen to the humanity in near future as apprehended by some scholars basing their studies on various prophesies and ancient calendars, like Mayan, Egyptian etc.

With the recent public attention and opposition to the Science of Astrology itself it is perhaps time to pay greater attention to Astrology treating it as a key to know the destiny of mankind itself at a macro level. The history of mankind has seen through significant, unprecedented developments in the last one century - two world wars, end of colonization, end of monarchies, birth and decline of agnostic Communism as a political philosophy, progress of Astro-Physics, biological and medical sciences, discovery of the nuclear power, the space-travel technology and so on. There has been man made destruction of population in many countries in large scale. Thus, this last one century has no comparison with the past in any aspect of human civilization. Evidently, the mankind has been making a journey from barbarism to civilization, from civilization to religions, from religions to sciences, from sciences to intellectualism and then on to globalization of all that is good and bad. The phenomenal growth of population, the ugly head of religious intolerance raising to threaten the security of human race itself, and raising disregard to moral traditions, are indicative of the negative trends that undo the organized social living that was carefully built up over thousands of years. Added to all this, the last half-century has seen materialistic civilization destroying the Nature and its eco-balance besides plundering of our planet to exhaust the million years old accumulations of fossil fuels, minerals, forests, etc. The great question before us is what does the future hold for the human race. If Astrology is a Science, how much of it do we know? Individual horoscopy becomes insignificant and unimportant in the face of the universal destiny. In fact, Hindu Puranic theory of Yugadharma describes the rise and fall of Dharma or righteousness with a regular periodicity, governing the destiny of mankind. The fortunes of mankind are directly dependent on the degree of righteousness prevalent rather than the power of the weapon or material wealth. Can the present fall of Dharma indicate any punishment to mankind? The yuga count of the Puranas is also well-known and Kali has already passed a time of over 51 centuries out of 4320 centuries. Planetary combinations of larger periodicity could be studied with benefit to decipher the meaning of this yuga theory as well. We may be able to peep into the future for an awareness of our times. It is felt that the community of Astrologers should pay their attention to these universal questions individually and severally to study the past and the future planetary combinations in relation to significant events in the history of mankind and give to the world at least an inkling of the future destiny near and far.

We hope you would appreciate our efforts to benefit the common man with the wisdom of the enlightened and distinguished scholars. The World Conference, we earnestly hope, would sensitize the educated to the impending threat of any kind. Due to our efforts we are able to get the valuable presence of eminent personalities from USA, UK, Germany and from all over India to interact in the Conference. We are greatly indebted to them.

  • SreeRamaNavami Prathibha Purskaram 2019
    Awards Function on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 from 6:00pm onwards at Tivoli Garden, Secunderabad