After taking voluntary retirement from Government service, Satguru sri Sivanandamurty chose to lead the rest of his life in Bheemunipatnam,a small village on the eastcoast near Viskhapatnam. He had built a small house in a mango groove for his personal residence and named it as “ANANDAVAN “. As some his followers wanted to settle and live with him Anandavan was formed in to a private lay out later. The visitors to Anandavan are guests at guruji’s residence as there is no institutionalized organization or Ashram at Anandavan. As more and more of his followers started visiting him, Yoga Ganapathi temple, was created as a small place for puja outside his residence on a 600 yards site donated by guruji.This location of Yoga Ganapathi is highly significant. Guruji had identified this lacation to be the Gurusthan as he had experienced his master’s darshan there durig his first visit to that place. Today this temple is the place of sadhana for the the residents of Anandavan and the lord ganapathi is the protector of Anandavan.