To educate the common Indian citizen in matters of our Culture, History and Dharma, Sri Guruji wrote more than 500 articles in Andhra Bhumi, a popular Telugu Daily and other publications. A compilation of these articles was published as “Bharateeyatha” in two volumes (2003 and 2005 respectively) by Santhana Dharma Charitable trust.


To spearhead the knowledge of the myriad facets of our culture available with scholars, thinkers and writers and present it to the present day readers for a better understanding of our heritage, Sri Guruji started the publication of “Supatha”, a cultural monthly magazine, in 1998. It is now a bilingual, bi- monthly published by Santhana Supatha Publications. Supatha has been publishing articles on language, literature, music, poetry, art, history, temples, traditions and also issues of contemporary social and national importance for more than 12 years now.

Margadarsakulu Maharshulu

Sri Guruji performed 28 day long Yagnam in the year 1994, during the conduct of which he narrated the magnificent lives of about 41 Maharishis who sanctified Bharat with their noble deeds and gave us our permanent cultural identity. According to him, the history of India is not the story of dynasties that ruled the subcontinent but the chronicle of the glorious lives of our Rishis. His rendition on Rishis was serialized in Supatha and later published as “Margadarsakulu Maharshulu” in two parts in 2007 and 2008 respectively by Sanathana Supatha Publications.


Sri Guruji’s commentary ’ Kathayoga ‘(In English, Telugu and Hindi) on the great kathopanishad was highly appreciated by savants like his Holiness Sri Shankaracharya of Sringeri Mutt and other scholars in India and abroad. This stupendous work was again published in 2009 by Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi with a foreword by Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri).

Mana Katha : The history of Andhra desha

Sri Gurji authored the history of Andhra’s with a thorough research of Puranas, Brahmanas, Kavyas and related literature as well as inscriptional sources. He depicted the prehistoric connections of Andhra desha with Aryavartha in pre-ramayanic and Ramayanic times and also the very significant role played by Andhra Satavahanas in Indian history and the Buddhist periods, development of great literature in various Prakrit and regional languages, the subsequent dynasties that ruled through medieval times, different traditions, art, temple-culture and social customs. From this, he dramatized certain important incidents in Andhra history and scripted a TV serial, “Mana Katha”, which was telecast by Doordarshan, Hyderabad in 13 episodes. It won the state Nandi award for the script. Sri Guruji’s version of Andhra history was also serialized in Supatha.

Gautama Buddha

Sri Gurji scripted a feature film “Tathagata Buddha” (made in Hindi and Telugu) which received a Special Jury Nandi award from Andhra Pradesh state govt. It was the first ever, authentic version of the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha on the Indian screen. The original english script of Sri Guruji was brought out in the form of a book in 2007, with photographs of the original places connected to the Buddha’s life and also stills from the feature film.

Suvarnabhoomi (South-east Asia & Indian culture)

The Indonesian Archipelago has a special significance to India, being a close neighbor and also sharing much of Indian culture and traditions. Sri Guruji visited Indonesia along with a small group of his followers in August 1999. After his return, he wrote a series of articles on its history and culture which still exhibit ancient Hindu names, mythological traditions, modes of worship, grand Indian temple- sculpture and fabulous dance forms with Hindu themes. This account was published as a book in 2008 titled “Suvarnabhoomi” by Santhana Supatha Publications.