Sivanandaguru Cultural Trust


Gurudham was built in the year 1990 near the Ayyappa Temple, Mulug Road, Warangal.


Sapthadham, a magnificent structure, with two halls (ground and first floor) and a high domed cubical structure to house seven Gnanis/ Rishis – Sage Agastya, Sage Viswamitra, Sage Maitreya, Lord Krishna, Sage Parasurama, Maha Yogi Gorakhsa Natha and the Buddha – facing the inner circle consisting of Three main deities, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva with their Consorts, Sri Dattatreya, Sri Dakshina Murthy, Sri Kumara Swamy and Sri Ganapati surrounding the Parama Siva in Linga form. The Saptadham was consecrated by Guruji on 12th Feb 2010 (Maha Siva Ratri).

The excerpts from Guruji's benedictory talk on this occasion

Definitely it is a landmark (in Warangal) with a sanctity. It has a good temple (Ayyappa Temple) by its side. It gains much importance in future. It is not very far from the town. There is grandeur here. It has ambience. If we meditate here we have all the Saptalokas here. Our Brahmanda has fourteen lokas, seven atholokas which we should not aspire and the seven Urthva lokas which we should aspire for. Bhuh, Bhuvah, Swar, Mahar, Jana, Tapa and Satya lokas are the seven Urthva lokas with which we should develop a contact. A hot line. These lokas have higher wisdom. Ignorance is weakness. Wisdom is power.( People say knowledge is power. But knowledge is only information.)

We are passing through a sandhikala. We come across many warnings about apocalypse. The Mayan Calendar, the religious prophesies, scientific projections and astroplogical predictions are indicating that something serious is going to happen concerning our Globe and humanity. Under such conditions, there must be a place of refuse as we got to a temple expecting a relief or a boon to get over our individual problems. This Saptadham is a place where all can come and pray asking for a message, an indication, or an assurance to get over the troubled times for the country and humanity at large. Under these circumstances, we should ask “what is our duty?”. Kim kartavyam? What is to be done? We should get a message from Iswara i.e. antahkarana. The message should come from within. This Saptadham should become a communication Centre. People will be performing Yajnas etcs. But here, if people staying here for two or three nights taking light food and ask him with silence, they should get a message. In the Saptadham, we have installed Great Rishis/ Gnanis and Dieties who have love and affection for us and who wish our welfare and safety. They are our well-wishers. They are very kind to us. If we ask them, they give the message. When we ask we should get a miraculous message from them. We should develop relations with them. It is not just enough to remember them only on one day in a year (Thithi). We must develop a contact by remembering them silently. Even if there is apocalypse, we should be prepared for it. Whenever anybody gets a doubt and wants a clarification, he can come here and stay here for some time and sit silently and wait for an answer. Here one gets Peace, a Path and a Destination. That is Saptadham.

The premises can be used for Music concerts, festivals, religious functions, cultural programs, seminars, puranasravana, hari katha kaalakshepa, talks on various subjects etc. More than a spiritual centre ,it should be developed as a cultural Centre. This should be utilized as a cultural centre of Hindu dharma. All programs should be related to ancient culture and tradition and traditional culture.